SUMMARY: Automount Direct Map in NIS

From: J P <>
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 11:15:58 EDT
Thanks to all who have replied to my question.
I would like to specially thank to Mr.Sean Quaint ,
who very promptly helped me till the solution.
I have done all the things related to  direct map in
But still I was not able to get the directory from the
At last  Sean suggested me to remove comment the line
+auto_master in  auto_master file.
That went cool.
Now it is working fine.

Once again thanks for all who helped me



Sean's answer to my question:

In your /var/yp/Makefile you need to add support for
map.  Easiest way to do this is copy the auto.home
stuff and change the
names to point to and auto_direct
respectivly.  Be sure to
use a copy command (like y15y in vi -- there are 15
lines to the 
auto.home.time target).  If you highlight with your
mouse then paste it
will not work as necessary tabs will be converted to
spaces.  Also be
sure to add to the all target and add an entry
to the end of the makefile.  Then create your
/etc/auto_direct file 
the entry

    /tools       server:/export/tools

And also ensure that the /etc/auto_master map has the

    /-           auto_direct

Then run the make command on the master to build the
maps.  Your slaves
will need to manually pull the new map down.  Run
/usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfr on them (or
ypinit -s <master>,
whichever you prefer) to get the new map.  Everyone
will need to 
run the automount command since the master and direct
maps have been
changed (it might be eaier to reboot your clients to
do this).

That should do it.

Sean Quaint

My original question was:

 Hi Gurus,
>   I got some solaris 7 boxes with NIS server. I
> to add a automount direct map to NIS.
> ie, in all the boxes i would like to get  /tools
> directory.
> Could anyone pls tell me the step by step
> about how to do this ?
> Thanx in advance
> JP

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