SUMMARY- Re: 2.6 on Ultra 5

From: E Hunter <>
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 13:40:36 EDT
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Thanks to all those who answered.

It's true, the 5/98 release CDs will work.

No, I dont think you can order this from Sun anymore, the folks 
I'm working for tried, but it was just pulled from the website in 
early May and is now officially unsupported -- according to their 
Sun rep.

The problems I was having trying to boot the 5/98 CD were related 
to flaky ribbon cables.

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Previously, E Hunter said:
> I found a solution to a problem I'm having installing Solaris 
> 2.6 on an Ultra 5 in the archives. Apparently I need the 3/98 
> release of Solaris 2.6 to do this. The problem now is that I 
> cant find it. It's not on Sun's website. Can someone point me 
> to a resource for locating a copy?

If you don't have it on CD you're out of luck.  You can just buy a copy of
Solaris 8, or download one, from Sun's web site.  That will also work on
the U5.


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