SUMMARY II: Recovery on Inodes?

From: Reichert, Alan <>
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 13:06:23 EDT
Seems quite a few folks here are interested in what I'm doing with
The Coroner's Toolkit.  Update on the problem... it appears to be the
2Gig+ file size problem.  Solaris 7, and the resulting file is just
over 2Gig.  I tested on a smaller run, worked fine (I could read old
e-mail from the /var partition).  I reran unrm on the other partition,
but stopped the run just prior to 2Gig, then launched lazarus on it...
it's churning along as I write this.

SO, the next problem is how to get past the 2Gig filesize issue with this


- Alan
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