SUMMARY: nmap crashing Solaris 2.6 servers

From: Matthew Alexander <>
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 12:47:59 EDT
There is a DoS vulnerability in inetd for default Solaris 2.6
Here's the needed patch:
Patch-ID# 107774-01

In answer to the many "WTF are you running unpatched
servers for??!?!!?" comments.  I'm in a large manufacturing
environment that requires every system to be EXACTLY the
same in every Fab.  When these systems were first built, their
status was essentially locked by management and absolutely
no changes are allowed without going through a lengthy
white-paper process.  Fortunately, these systems are not
Internet-accessible, so in theory, the only people that should
be able to bring these systems to their knees are me and my
coworkers.  :-)  But I agree that these systems need to be
patched and I'll begin the white-paper process to do so.

Thanks to the following people for pointing out the necessary
patch and bug info:
Rick Kelly
Ryan Krenzischek
Thomas Anders
Casper Dik
Ed Mitchell
David Meissner

Original post:

I got a bit of a surprise today when I was port scanning our
servers to document them, and the network services froze
up on me.  I was running nmap-2.54beta22 and scanning
Solaris 2.6 (5/98) Ultra-2 boxes.  No patches have ever
been installed on these boxes.  Not all servers had their
network services freeze...  only about half of them.  I got
on the console afterwards, but I wasn't able to restart any
of the inetd services...  so I ended up rebooting in order to
bring things back online (boo!  hiss!  boo!)
Has anyone encountered anything like this before or have
any ideas what happened?  I'd like to avoid further issues
like this in the future and I'd like to know why this happened.
Thanks.  I'll summarize.
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