SUMMARY: Recovery on Inodes?

From: Reichert, Alan <>
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 11:32:55 EDT
Thanks to those who answered my request.  Almost all respondents pointed me
to The Coroner's Toolkit at

I'm working with it right now.  For anyone familiar with it, I can
get the output from unrm, but lazarus will not open the file afterwards.

I'll keep plugging on it a bit further.  It's getting to the point
of diminishing returns, though.

Thanks to:

Derrick Daugherty
Mike Salehi
Daniel David Benson
David Evans
Vern Walls
Elizabeth Jones
Alan Orndorff
Nick Hindley

- Alan

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> Subject: Recovery on Inodes?
> All,
> One of my developers just deleted a directory structure that had not
> made it into a backup yet.  Is there a way to examine the inodes
> and attempt recovery of the directory and it's files?
> I think I already know the answer, but perhaps you folks know of a
> method or tools to attempt such a thing.
> Thanks.
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