SUMMERY: Network Throughput Tools [Was: (no subject)]

From: Ben Rockwood <>
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 21:25:19 EDT
Sorry about forgetting the subject earlier, it was a slip of the mouse....

I've descided to use a combination of the SE Toolkit and ntop.
Thank you for the 30 replies saying "MRTG!!!", but I don't want a
web interface, snmp setup, etc just to do quick peeks at inferface loading.
I needed a middleground between MRTG/Cricket and netstat.

The SE Toolkit's "" example is pretty close, so I'm thinking
about dusting off my K&R C book and playing with SE alittle more intimately
for a final tool, in the meantime I'm using/playing with ntop.

I should point out that the best suggestion was to log into the switch,
but the network guys hate that, and it's not worth the time to ask 'em
for help.

	Thanx for all the responces.


> Does anyone know of a descent way/tool for measuring network
> throughput? Currently I'm making rough estimates of network usages by
> using
> netstat -i 1, then doing alittle formula (packets x (1500x8) = Ybps).
> This isn't really helpful, and is too time consuming.  A tool that
> could be run in increments and would output something more readily
> usable would be nice, something that might lok like this:
> kooltool -i 1
> Input	Output
> 4kbps	1kbps
> 2kbps	1kbps
> .	...
> 	Any ideas?
> benr.
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