SUMMARY: jumpstarting with Solaris 8 04/01

From: Luke Kanies <>
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 15:05:59 EDT
No one else has run into this problem, apparently.  I still have not
solved it, but I have also not given up hope.

Possible solutions pointed to were I might have an invalid sysidcfg file
(although I stated that I did a manual install, which doesn't use a
sysidcfg file), that there was a dhcp server interfering (a possibility,
but it wasn't the case), and just create a finish script.

I guess in the short term, I'll create the finish script, but I really
wanted a full solution.

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Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 15:17:29 -0500
From: Luke Kanies <>
Subject: jumpstarting with Solaris 8 04/01

I'm trying to get jumpstart to work with the most recent version of
solaris 8, and everything seems to work fine, except that hostname,
nodename, and IP address are not set.  When the machine reboots, its
name is set to "unknown", there are no hostname.* or nodename files, and
the hosts file only has the loopback address in it.  The ethernet
interface is being recognized and used, and the hostname is used (I
tested this using scripts), it just looks like none of the info is
written to the files.

If I boot using CD and install, I don't have the same problem.

I have tried doing a manual install using jumpstart (boot net) and an
automated install (boot net - install), and both fail, so I know it is
not a problem with my custom config.  Also, when doing the automated
install, the files listed above are missing immediately after the OS is
installed, so I know the problem isn't that the files are created and
then somehow deleted during booting or something weird like that.

I have tested this on an ultra 5 and two AC200s, with the exact same
results.  Once the machine is up, I can easily log in and set it all,
but I don't really consider that the best solution.

Anyone have any ideas?  I need to get a bunch of these AC200s built.
I'll summarize.

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