SUMMARY: solaris system upgrade

From: Witold Paluszynski <>
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 20:13:48 EDT
The question was which version of Solaris is the best system to install
on a SparcStation-4 110 Mhz with 96 MB of RAM.  I got three responses:

1. Solaris 7 -- Jim Musso <>

 > I would go with Solaris 7, it gives 32 or 64 bit kernel and is a nice
 > compromise between 8 and 2.x

2. Solaris 8 -- Al Hopper <>

 > Go with the latest release of Sol 8.  Sol 8 is simply the best Solaris yet.
 > It'll run much faster than 2.5.  I can't believe you are still running 2.5!!

3. netBSD    -- "Seth Rothenberg" <>

 > I am sitting on the fence, but I was duly impressed with a netBSD
 > presentation I saw.  I now have netBSD running on my old PC.

Thanks to the responders.  I have to say three votes, all different,
don't provide me the kind of help I was seeking, even though I fully
agree with the first two.

Witold Paluszynski <>
Institute of Tech. Cybernetics
Wroclaw University of Technology
Wroclaw, Poland
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