SUMMARY: Problem with EasyRAID on E450

From: Andreas Priebe <>
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 07:56:21 EDT

thanks go to Tim Chipman and Geoff Reed. As Tim suggested we
found a spare NT system to test the array, and it was NOT recognized
there as well.
The problem turned out to be a hardware problem with the EasyRAID.
The dealer provided a replacement one and now everthing is fine.
BTW, format sees it as:

      18. c5t1d0 <easyRAID-II- cyl 54978 alt 2 hd 128 sec 128>

The original question is attached below.

Thanx again to the list,


I have a problem connecting an EasyRAID II (IDE to SCSI RAID
with 8 IDE disks, cf. to an E450
singled ended SCSI controller.
The E450 is running Solaris 7:

SunOS frondell 5.7 Generic_106541-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4

With probe-scsi-all I get:

Target 1 


i.e. the target is recognized, but no SCSI ident string is read
or found. In Solaris the disk is not seen after reconfig.
scsiinfo shows no sign of the RAID.

What I have checked:

- replaced SCSI cable and terminator
- changed between internal and external termination on the EasyRAID
- tested on SparcStatin 20 - same result
- tested on different controller on same E450 - same result
- added a second SCSI device to the chain
  This device is recognized fine:

Target 1 
Target 5 
  Unit 0   Removable Tape     HP      C1533A          A708


The dealer insists that the EsayRAID should work fine with Solaris.
Firmware on EasyRAID is v2.4V - the dealer suggested this downgrade
from the original higher version after we first contacted him.
(BTW probe-scsi-all was the same we higher firmware :-( )

Any ideas what could be wrong or anyone using a EasyRAID II on Solaris


Andreas Priebe
Received on Fri May 25 12:56:21 2001

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