SUMMARY: Stack and Heap Memory

From: Sara SaiMohan <>
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 14:04:53 EDT
sorry for the delayed summary,

I want to thank

Mike DeMarco, John Leadeham, Lumpkin Buddy,
John Hilger, Jay Lassert, Lieven Marchand
and Kevin Buterbaugh

for they timely response, they have suggested
the following tools to find the stack and heap

memtool, pmap, proctool and also I found out that
ulimit -s and ulimit -d also gives you the stack
and heap memory stats respectively.

Thank you everyone.

Sai Mohan

>From: "Sai Mohan" <>
>To: "Sun Managers" <>
>Subject: Stack and Heap Memory
>Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 15:34:54 +0100
>Hello Managers,
>I was trying to figure out how what command lets us know the STACK and HEAP 
>memory available/used.

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