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Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 14:13:23 EDT
My Original question

I know a lot of people don't run news servers any longer, but for those who do, can you recommned a free server?  I was thinking INN but I've heard good things about Diablo too.

thanks for all the responses and it seems that not a lot of people are running their own servers.  

Chris Josephes said "The last NNTP software package I ran was Cyclone, from bCandid.  It's commercial software, but it runs well, and requires almost no
administration.  I've heard a lot of good things about Diablo
(, but I've never used it.  I ran INNd in
the past, but it didn't perform well for the demands of my environment.  If you're only doing reading and posting, a NNTP Proxy might be a good
solution as well.  Most sites are switching to proxies to cut down on
bandwidth costs.

Warren Brennan said "Although I have not worked with NNTP servers in quite a while, I did have experience with Typhoon and found it quite good. Typhoon was good for it's time, but I am not sure what is new out there."

Karl Vogel suggested (from a previous email that I had sent about sizing the disk specifically for running a news server on it) "If you're using INN, there's an option to use large disk files as rotating buffers for articles; I think it's called "cycbufs" in the configuration instructions.  You might want to use that instead of messing with disk sizing."

and that's about it for the responses.  thanks to everyone!

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