SUMMARY: TN3270 for Solaris 2.6 Sparc

From: Pete Simpson <>
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 10:05:00 EDT
Thanks to all that responded...

Anand Chouthai=20
Frederiksen, Paul=20
brandon willis=20
BAUMLER Julie L=20
john benjamins=20

But the real winner for me was...

Carl-Johan Schenstrom

Most people recommended that I use x3270.  A package is available at for Solaris 2.5.1 that will run under 2.6. Otherwise,
source for x3270 can be downloaded from several locations.  x3270 is a
nice package and provides a 3270 session in an X-window.  It works
nicely, but what I really needed was a text based 3270 emulator (not

Carl-Johan wins the Grand Prize Game for referring me to the home of the
x3270 project where I located a curses based textual 3270 emulator as
part of the x3270 project.  It's called "c3270" and is exactly what I
needed.  Downloaded, complied, and installed in less than 5 minutes!

The home of the x3270 project, where you will find several handy 3270
versions is at:

The additional versions are:
	s3270: Pipe-Based Scripting=20
	tcl3270: Tcl-Based Scripting=20
	pr3287: Printer Support=20
	c3270: Curses-Based 3270 Emulation

Thanks again to everyone for your help.  Once again, sunmanagers rocks!

Pete Simpson
Received on Wed May 23 15:05:00 2001

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