SUMMARY II: sd.conf

From: Daniel Nguyen <>
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 07:39:23 EDT
Grateful to
Buddy Lumpkin
Kevin Buterbaugh
Ronald Loftin
Steve Hastings
Darren Dunham
Adeel Khurshid
Warren Brennan
David Byers
John Marrett
Derrick Daugherty
Steve Mickeler
Mike Ekholm

Before I rebooted my server last friday, I tried
drvconfig, disks, and devlinks but the the new lun was
not recognized. Then I tried to do a modunload and
wasn't able to do it. After the reboot, the server saw
the new lun. I will include Buddy Lumpkin's thourough
and clear response below.

Buddy wrote:
All of the kernel drivers in /kernel/drv and
usr/kernel/drv have a simple short name. There is sd,
st, arp, ip, tcp to name a few.

Each of these drivers may have a corresponding
<drivername>.conf file such as sd.conf, st.conf, etc..
depending on how they must "tie in" to the root nexus

In order to make a driver re-read this configuration
file, you must modunload and modload it. Since it's
attached to the kernel, there is very little
flexibility (you can't kill -HUP it for example).

With respect to the sd driver (which uses sd.conf),
since it is the driver that gives access to all scsi
nexus busses, and scsi devices, you can't unload it.
If you try a modunload -i <sd's number> you will just
get device busy.

This is why you have to reboot. Now if you put a
generic entry for every lun you think you will ever
need, it will just take a lot longer to boot while
the sd driver probes for all of those luns, and you
can add the lun on the fly and discover the disk in
/devices with drvconfig, which also re-writes
/etc/path_to_inst, and create symbolic links back to
/dev with disks and devlinks but this is only if you
already have a generic entry in sd.conf for
that particular LUN (There are already entries for


--- Daniel Nguyen <> wrote:
> I'm getting mix responses with this question. Some
> suggest that it cannot be done. Some suggest it can
> done with
> # drvconfig
> # devlinks
> # disks
> Because it's a production box, I'm going to hold off
> teh latter suggestion.
> Grateful to
> Michael Price
> Kevin Buterbaugh
> Stephen Forbes
> Mark Neill
> James Fredrickson
> Thomas Knox
> Ronald Loftin
> Paul Frederiksen
> > I've just editted the sd.conf file. I know I have
> to
> > reboot in order for it to take effect. Is there a
> > way
> > without having to reboot?
> > 
> > Daniel 

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