SUMMARY: DLT8000 on Sol8

From: Leonard, Roger <>
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 09:55:25 EDT
original post:

>I recently added a tape library with 2 DLT8000 drives and a changer to my
>450 running sol8.  i did a boot -r and the drives do not show up under
>/dev/rmt.  so i edited the st.conf file and uncommented the lines for the
>DLT7000 and did a reconfigure boot and still no good.  does anyone have an
>idea as to what i am missing.  thanks in advance.


lots of suggestions, one of which pointed me to for the
st.conf stuff.  my problem was not in st.conf.  uncommenting the DLT7000
portions of st.conf was not going to help me anyway.  someone suggested
probe-scsi-all which i had run after my post.  the library itself was
showing up but not the drives.  seeing as how one of the drives was on the
same dual port card as the library, i suspected cabling and sure enough, the
stk guys had not seated the little scsi modules into the back of the drives.
hey, what do you want for $1000 installation charge??  anyway, after seating
them properly and running probe-scsi-all, everything showed up.  i then
edited the st.conf file and did a boot -rv at the ok prompt and all devices
showed up.  thanks for everyones help.  here's the st.conf entries in case
anyone cares.  the fields are explained in the doc for solaris in their
support area.

"QUANTUM DLT8000",      "Quantum DLT8000", "DLT8k-data",
DLT8k-data =    1,0x38,0,0x8639,4,0x84,0x85,0x88,0x89,3;

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