SUMMARY: Mysteriuos reboot

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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 05:22:42 EDT
Hi all,

Thanks to all who replied:-
Bernard du Breuil,
Trey Askew,
Nick Hindley,
Michael Auria

All answers point to this being an ecache error in the CPU.
Sun wanted to wait and see if it happened again before swapping the box.
I wasn't prepared to risk another outage on a live client website, so they
came and swapped it next day.

Thanks again,


Original Post follows :-

Having searched everywhere I can think of, i wonder if someone here can
My Netra T1 (Solaris 7) rebooted out of the blue yesterday. A look in
var/adm/messages shows the following kernel panic.
How do I find out who/what caused this?
Also, for some reason, the savecore startup script didn't produce a dump
file, even though dumping is enabled.

May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix: WARNING: [AFT1] WP event on CPU0, errID
May  8 00:56:50 radb1     AFSR 0x00000000.00800004<WP> AFAR
May  8 00:56:50 radb1     AFSR.PSYND 0x0004(Score 95) AFSR.ETS 0x00 Fault_PC
May  8 00:56:50 radb1     UDBH 0x0000 UDBH.ESYND 0x00 UDBL 0x0000 UDBL.ESYND
May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix: panic[cpu0]/thread=300001356a0: 
May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix: [AFT1] errID 0x000a9336.41c248c4 WP Error(s)
May  8 00:56:50 radb1     See previous message(s) for details
May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix: 
May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix: syncing file systems...
May  8 00:56:50 radb1 unix:  1
May  8 00:56:51 radb1 unix:  done
May  8 00:56:52 radb1 unix: dumping to /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s1, offset 65536
May  8 00:57:05 radb1 unix: 100% done: 9387 pages dumped, compression ratio
May  8 00:57:05 radb1 unix: dump succeeded

Your help will be appreciated, and I will summarize


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