[SUMMARY] sleep does not sleep

From: Freeman, Jim <jim.freeman_at_cingular.com>
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 22:13:06 EDT
Well, apologies on two accounts, first, it was 2.6, and I didn't notice I
was posting in HTML the 1st time. Maybe those two explain why I got only one
reply. I finally sought advice from Sun support. The kernel was -05, they
advised installing the latest recommended patch cluster, and that fixed the

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From: Freeman, Jim (PBW) 
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Subject: sleep does not sleep

I am having a strange problem with a newly installed Ultra 10, w/ 2.7, the
first symptom was an attempted telnet connection would close after about 7
seconds, with Connection closed. Now I have noticed that the machine is
running too fast, i.e. I type 'sleep 5', I should get the prompt back in 5
seconds, but it comes back instantly. Anyone seen this before? TIA, and I
will summarize.
Jim Freeman
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