SUMMARY: blocks of 1k with ufs?

From: Kain, Becki <>
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 14:53:18 EDT
thanks to Mike DeMarco,Florian Schlaich, Buddy Lumpkin and the charming and talented John Julian for letting me know that yes, this was the default and there was nothing I could  do, except run newfs with -i 1024 unless I wanted to run something like vxfs for my news server

becki kain

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Subject: blocks of 1k with ufs? 

On an E250 with solaris 2.6, can I build a filesystem of 1k blocks, or is 8k the smallest I can do (with ufs)?  I know the man page says the sun4u can only do 8k, but I just wanted to make certain I didn't miss another way of setting this news server up.

thanks in advance

becki kain
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