SUMMARY: Ultra10 not seeing CD-ROM

From: Daniel Baldoni <>
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 06:54:48 EDT
G'day folks,

My original query was:
> While installing Solaris 8 on an Ultra10 recently, its internal CD drive
> packed it in.  So, we removed it and did a network install.  The system is
> up and running just fine.  But, before putting it into production, the
> machine's owners installed a new IDE CD-ROM drive and tried using it with
> no success.
> So, I spent about 90 minutes this morning trying to coax Solaris 8 into
> admitting the drive exists.  A "devfsadm -C" was used to "clear out" unused
> devices (which caused the pre-existing entries for /dev/*dsk/c0t2* were
> deleted (along with the "real" files under /devices/pci@1f,0/pci@1,1).
> But, "devfsadm -C disk" didn't give us anything back.  I have tried a
> "reboot -- -rv" in case there was something I'd missed but still no luck.
> Unfortunately, I'm not on-site at the moment, but I know the guy who has
> connected up the new drive and I doubt he's made an error in cabling it up.
> This machine has been patched with (at least a very recent) 
> recommended patch bundle.

Well, as it turned out, the problem lay with the CD-ROM they were trying to
use.  As I stated in my message, I wasn't on-site and was trying to help them
diagnose the problem remotely.  With no success, I went in there late Friday
with a CD drive I knew to be okay.  First time in, all started working (no,
I didn't let them keep my drive - they're going to buy a replacement unit).

The single most useful tool in all this was the OpenBoot "probe-ide" command
which I didn't even know about (and I used to consider myself a bit of a dab
hand at OpenBoot stuff) - particular thanks to Darren and Andrew for pointing
out this useful command.  FYI, the dodgy CD-ROM showed a correct entry for
Secondary Master (there were two HDs on the Primary interface) but a
"garbage" line for Secondary Slave - regardless of the jumper setting (Slave,
Master or Cable Select).  My drive came up first time quite happily (jumpered
as Cable Select).

I'd like to thank the following people for their suggestions.
	Andrew Barclay
	Sean Berry
	Darren Dunham


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