SUMMARY: TapeAutoloader L9 for Solstice Backup (SBU) Application

From: Slamet Fadilah <>
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 06:03:08 EDT
I would like to thank to Mike and John for the response. 
Unfortunately, the problem is still alive.
I contacted, and : NO CLUE to resolve it!

Anybody succeded in installing an Autoloader L9 (SunStorEdge,
vendor=HP, product=C7145-DLT8000) for the SBU ? I experienced a problem. The
operating system can recognize their SCSI IDs, but when
trying to configure the SBU, it appears a message "CAN NOT FIND DEVICES".
Something wrong with the driver ? Which driver is the correct one or
compatible for the autoloader ?

My machine is SUN Enterprise 4500, Solaris 2.5.1, SolsticeBackup 5.5,
Autoloader L9, Tape DLT8000.

Michael Peppard :
It might be the firmware revision.  They are not backwards compatable.
You should see the firmware revision on the back of the machine.
Check with Soltice to see if they have a patch.

We had a similar problem with our StorEdge. The problem was we had tried a
demo of Veritas Net Backup which loaded its own drivers for the autoloader.
Legato networker couldn't find the drivers it needed. Since the system
didn't have anything else on it we just reinstalled the OS and Legato was
happy. Solstice Backup is rebranded Legato Networker.

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