Summary:ODS and RAID 5

From: comp question <>
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 12:44:32 EDT
   Thanks to all who replied.  My original post is below.  Most of the 
responses I got said to stay away from setting up software RAID 5 for 
Oracle, especially with SDS due to the poor writes.  However, I do not have 
the luxury of hardware RAID at this time.
    Taking all the responses into consideration, I set up a giant RAID 5 set 
using all 6 of my disks.  I created one large partition per disk, so a the 
set was not slice intensive and the performance would be a bit better.  I 
also opted against possibly adding space later as almost everyone said it 
was risky.  Hopefully down the road we can go to EMC or Netapp, but not just 
yet.  Thanks again to the group.

My original posting:
Hello All,
>    I have an E3500 that is fully populated (8x18GB internal
>disks) running
>Solaris 7.  I have used two disk - one for root and one for
>the mirror.  I
>want to use the other 6 disks for a RAID 5 volume that will
>be used for
>Oracle.  I need to get some thoughts on how I should do that.
>  Also, I am
>new to ODS, as most of my work has been with vxva.  Anyway,
>my questions
>1) If I split a disk up to 3 partitions (6GB each), cab I use
>one or two of
>those partitions for the RAID set and use the other for
>another filesystem,
>etc?  Does it make sense to do so?
>2) Once I create a RAID 5 set can I add to it later.  I
>believe you can add
>to the set but the new disk will not do parity calculations,
>yet will be
>protected in case it needs to be rebuilt.  How is this possible?
>3) Also, is it safe to add at a later date or do I need to
>add everything
>    I ask because I would like to set the RAID as a 50GB
>filesyetem now and
>add as needed.  I know this is possible with vxva, but am
>unsure if I can do
>so with ODS and if it is safe to do so form a performance/reliability
>aspect.  TIA

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