SUMMARY: Adaptec 2940 on Ultra 5

From: David <>
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 13:11:04 EDT
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> Hi All,
> 	I just got an Ultra 5. I've installed Solaris 7, MU4 and the
> Recommended_7 cluster patches. Now I need to add an Iomega Jaz drive
> (SCSI) so I was thinking to install an Adaptec 2940 for that. I've read
> somewhere that it's supported on Ultra 5 but I can't find any
> documentation regarding installation. I've both 2940U and 2940UW, which
> one will work? How do I install the card? I tried to plug it in and
> rebooted with -r option but no luck.
> Thanks, I'll summarize
> David
Well it turns out that neither will! Apparently the only 2940 supported is
the UW-OF (Open Firmware) and even this one seems to have no drivers
beyond 2.6 (at least from Adaptec).

Thanks to 

  Timoty Lorenc that suggested getting a Symbios Logic (SYM8751SP).
		Checking on this one shows that it should be supported
		out of the box, no extra drivers. I'm getting a used one
		.... will see.
  Russ Poffenberger suggested checking the sun website (
		    for supported 3rd party cards.
  Masaharu Fukuyama
  Haydee Ching
  John Groenveld

As always THANKS to the list

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