SUMMARY2: Why is NTPDATE reporting these messages?

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xntp is the ntp daemon that keeps you system clock in sync with the time
server.  When it's running, ntpdate can't bind to the port it needs to
step the clock "manually".  Having xntpd processes is perfectly normal.

Try doing this:

1) run:  /etc/init.d/xntpd stop
2) if there are still xntp processes, kill them off by hand
3) run ntpdate from the command-line.

A few things to note:

1) you do not *have* to run xntpd, but it will automatically keep you
clock in sync with the time server.

2) There was a serious security hole found in all version of xntpd shipped
with Solaris.  It allows an attacker to gain root access remotely.  As
such, you may not wany to run xntpd at all until you can upgrade to a
newer version (Sun has not released a patch yet that I am aware of).

3) you can run ntpdate from cron every hour or so to keep your clock in
pretty close sync with the time server.

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