SUMMARY:Re: repeating keys on solaris 2.6/U60 install

From: Montana InTouch Internet <>
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 15:39:35 EDT
I did not have the OE CDROM, but was pointed to another solution. Commands
for turning down
the processor speed during installation are documented at:

Thanks to all who assisted.


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Subject: repeating keys on solaris 2.6/U60 install

> I am trying to re-install 2.6 from CDROM on a u60 by Rave. I get to the
> prompt
> and type 'boot - cdrom' and off it goes, no problem.
> When I strart the re-installation, and try to type in the host name, the
> keyboard
> is in an ultra-fast repeat mode. Even by carefully trying to peck the keys
> get a string of a dozen repeats of each character. It is not a hardware
> problem
> as I do not have this problem when the system is running normally or if I
> in the boot rom mode. Its only when this installation starts.
> Has anyone else run  into this odd behaviour?
> Regards,
> Tim Hodges
> Triangle Telephone Cooperative
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