From: Ahmed, Nabeel <>
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 08:50:28 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.
The short answer is core dump is a core dump, whether it is generated due to
an application issue or an OS issue.
The tools used to analyse core dumps are the same in either case.
One essential thing needed in a core dump analysis is the binary of the
offending program(either application or OS), and that is the reason Sun
support expressed their inability to analyse it for me. Perfectly
In my case I already have a call open to the Autosys support guys also, but
I was trying to eliminate possibilities of it being an OS or a hardware

And I did not get any procedure to follow in case of core dumps, except a
suggestion from Blake Matheny to use adb to analyse the core dump to an
extent. Thanks, Blake.


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I get a core dump almost once a week in my Autosys home directory.
Sun support tells me that they cant analyse this core file since it is an
application core file and not a system core file.

What exactly is the difference between an application core file and a system
core file?
Shouldnt they both be able to be analysed by the same tools? I would
understand if they said that they couldnt touch it since it was an
application thing, but I cant understand them not being able to analyse it.

Also, is there a general procedure to follow in case of core dumps?

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