SUMMARY: PCMCIA support for Solaris 8 x86

From: Marchand, Dale <>
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 15:07:19 EDT
Thanks to James Lick, who told me what I already knew but didn't really want
to hear.....

Unfortunately while the ethernet card is supported, it is probably
your laptop's PCMCIA bridge chipset which isn't supported. Solaris only
supports a limited number of PCMCIA chipsets.

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Marchand, Dale wrote:
> Managers:
> I've tried everything I could find on the newsgroups, FAQs, and manuals,
> to no avail. I've got Solaris 8 x86 with the latest Maintenance Update
> loaded on a Panasonic CF-47 Toughbook, but I can't get the PCMCIA card
> support working. I've got a network card on the Sun HCL (3COM 3C589D), so
> that shouldn't be an issue. I've also tried the patch posted on the
> site, but no luck. Looking for any and all ideas....
> Dale Marchand

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