SUMMARY: Openssh library errors

From: Daniel Lee <>
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:47:36 EDT
Sorry for the delay.  I have been get massive email on this issue.

Thanks to the list and anyone who I might have missed:
John Benjamins, Shane Callan, John Surveryor, Red Yang, David Foster,
Siddhartha Jain, Naspster.of.Puppets@rloopy, Dave Floyd, Louis Hoo, Chris
Cariffe, Edward Broustinov, DBrady@xicor, John McIntire, Timothy Lorenc,
Mark Neill, Ravi Kuppanna, Matthew Alexander

I was missing the following prerequisites for Openssh:

On Solaris 2.6 you need both openssl and zlib
On Solaris 8 zlib is included as part of the OS but you still need openssl.

Everything works fine.   I have no problem with openssh on Solaris 8 64bits

However, I have problem with openssh on Solaris 8 32bits machine (sparc 20).
I am still producing the following errors: ssh: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory.

Any more suggestions?   Thanks in advance.  I have some scripts from David


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From: Daniel Lee <>
Sent: May 1, 2001 6:45:14 PM GMT
Subject: Openssh library errors


I have been playing with SSMCossh package as:

Openssh 2.52.p2   for Solaris 8
Openssh 2.3.0.p1  for Solaris 2.6

I have been getting the following messages whenever I run ssh:

For Solaris 8, ssh: fatal: open failed: No such
file or directory  Killed

For Solaris 2.6, ssh: fatal: open failed: No such file or
directory  Killed

Does anyone know why?   Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance.


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