SUMMARY: 24inch monitor on a Creator3D Ultra2

From: Dave Wickard <>
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 16:36:48 EDT
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Howdy. To recap, we have an Ultra2 with a Creator3D card.
We are attempting to utilize one of the fatboy 24" Sun
monitors on it.

The consensus seems to be that, no, since this is a 
Series 1 version of the card, that it cannot reach any
resolutions that take advantage of the large monitor.

A Series 2 or above Creator card would be needed.

:sigh: Sadly, in these budgetary times, if I was on
fire, they wouldn't spring for a bottle of water for
me... BUT... it saved me the time of experimenting
and researching it all.

The bottom line is thus:

The command:  ffbconfig -prconf
will show you the needed resolution availabilty info.

ffbconfig -res ?
will show you the available resolutions from the card.

To deal with the issue we were seeing, where the monitor
was set to 1280x1024x76, but would reset upon booting up
to some ungodly bizarre display that was unuseable....
several people offered setenv statements from the
boot prompt....

ok setenv fcode-debug? true
ok setenv output-device screen:r1280x1024x76
ok reset

I would truly like to thank the very helpful and
thoughtful folks who took the time to answer my
question so swiftly without a RTFM in the bunch.

They include:

Bob Rahe
Mike Salehi
Rick Francis
Marcelino Mata
Scott Kulp
Mark Lewis
Casper Dik

and especially the in-depth assistance from
Rick von Richter and Charles Seeger.

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