Summary:Changing root passwords on multiple machines

From: Murphy, Morgan <>
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 12:41:48 EDT
Many thanks to:
Christopher L. Barnard
Dave Morley
Mike Salehi
Michael Grice
Mike Ekholm
Carl Schelin
Alan Orndorff
Adeel Khurshid
Thomas Carter
Jeff Kennedy
Steve Mickeler
Matt Schepens

For security reasons, I think the best idea would be for us to install ssh.
Many people recommended expect(sunfreeware) to write the script which would
be rsh-ed/ssh-ed
to the remote machines.
Jeff Kennedy  recommended a script using sed and the encrypted shadow entry
to copy across to the other machines 
Adeel Khurshid recommended cfengine:


Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 12:40:23 -0700
From: "Murphy, Morgan" <>
Subject: Changing root passwords on multiple machines

We have alot of machines whoes local root password needs to be changed on a
regular basis
We are not running  sshd on any of these machines, so we don't want to use
any rsh scripts.
I've heard about Control-SA from Software Innovations, but not really for
maintaining root passwords.
Does anyone know of any software products, or have any ideas for this
situation..besides telneting to each host

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