SUMMARY: URGENT: bootblk: can't find boot program

From: Luong Duong <>
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 07:54:07 EDT
Many thanks to

Jeff Woolsey
Alan Orndorff
Steve Hastings
Terje Hanssen
David Brierley
Jeffrey Lai
Joel Fisher
Elizabeth Lee
Vinnie German
Blake Matheny
Rick Frnacis
David Foster
Tim Evans.

The consensus is that I cannot do this because of different architecture. I was
guessing the same thing but I could find any notes to backup my guess. Thanks
again to eveyrone who replied.


Luong Duong wrote:

> Hi,
> I just did a system dump from an Ultra 2 to a Sparc 5. When I boot the Sparc
> 5, it's giving me:
> bootblk: can't find boot program.
> After the restore, I've edited/etc/vfstab, installbootblk on the root
> partition, restore /dev and /devices and path_to_inst.
> I've tried boot -a but still getting the same error. Can someone help me? This
> is URGENT!!! TIA. Will summarize.
> Luong
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