SUMMARY: prtdiag on a SS10

From: Konstantin Rozinov <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 21:09:25 EDT
Hey folks,

John T. Douglass
Neill, Mark


Hey folks,

Quick question:

>From the prtdiag man page it says the following:

     prtdiag displays system configuration and diagnostic  infor-
     mation on sun4u and sun4d systems.

Apparently that is true, as my SparcStation 10 is a sun4m system.  What
is the difference between these systems and why can't prtdiag work on
certain systems?

The funny thing is, is that the man page is installed, but prtdiag is
[01:59:32]:[root@porsche:/usr/platform/SUNW,SPARCstation-10/sbin]$ ls
cg14config*  eeprom*      sxconfig*

Can anyone give some insite on the different systems (sun4u,4m,4d,etc)
and why they exist?


The basic resolution was that hardware in a sun4m system does not
support reporting the diagnostic info that sun4u and sun4d systems

>From John:
The differences have to do with the sparc processor history:

sun4u   - ultra sparc based machines including the ultra, ultraII[i,e],
          and the new ultraIII processors.

sun4d   - I believe these were the voyager series machines but I never
          one so I'm not sure

sun4m   - microsparc and supersparc processors.  Used in the
          series machines (SS5, SS10, SS20) and I think the

sun4c   - now retired (i.e. no longer supported in Solaris 8) these were

          the first sparc processor based machines (prior to these Sun
          used a motorola chip).  These machines includes the Sparc1,
          2, ELC, SLC, IPX, and IPC.

I read that support for the sun4d will be dropped in either the next
maintenance release of Solaris 8 or (more likely) the next major release

of Solaris.


Konstantin Rozinov
Received on Tue May 1 02:09:25 2001

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