Summary ( Solstice AdminSuite for sol 2.7 )

From: Abhinn <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 00:39:19 EDT
Thanks to John for his Reply.. atleast now i know where to go about.

Here is the original Question.:

Recently i got an intel box with Solaris 7 installed. I do not have the
original 2 CD's. My problem is that when i run solstice it does not show
any applications like host manager, database manager, printer manager,
serial prot manager,etc.. I found that all of the solstice adminsuite
i.e. SUNWadm......,etc are not installed. Also Volume manager is not
I am in need of these 2 utilties. I have tried my search through google
but could'nt find anywhere.
If I had the 2nd CD i could have reinstalled from them. But without that
Where can i download them in pkg format on the internet  ?

Here is the Answer form John:
Disksuite was licensed different under Solaris 7 then under 8.  You need
> the "server" release of Solaris 7.  You might be better off just getting
> Solaris 8 (you can get it freely licenesed for a media cost of $75 at
> which came with DiskSuite automatically.  Solaris 8
> 04/01 was recently release and ships with lots of extra goodies that
> Solaris 7 didn't include like perl, bash, tcsh, apache, and a Bonus CD
> full of Freeware goodies like gcc, gimp, kde, gnome, etc.
> I'm not sure but the adminsuite packages may fall under that same
> category.  I dont use the adminsuite stuff so I'm not sure how they were
> licenesed.
> I don't think you'll be able to download either the solstice or DiskSuite
> products for Solaris 7 legally.
> -- John

Thanks John..

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