SUMMARY: ultra2 floppy drive problem

From: Rick Francis <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 22:18:23 EDT
> Subject: 	ultra2 floppy drive problem
> with two identical ultra2's, where both refuse to eject the floppy disk
> they happily gobbled...
> i've tried with and without vold running;
> the archives contain several examples about taring to and from a floppy;
> the problem i'm having is getting the drive to eject the tape.
> on an ultra2, unlike a 5 or 10, there is no pin-hole to pop the floppy
> out.
> help is very welcome. thanks.
> rf

wow, i truly thought that hole was a light!
although i originally, gingerly, tried to push the disk out with a
this morning i forcefully pushed it out.

thank you all for the match.

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