SUMMARY: vxio process not running

From: Damon LaCaille <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 10:23:02 EDT
It turns out that the monitoring daemon that was running the vxiod command
was not root, and so did not have access to some of the devices that vxiod
tries to check for.  Because of this it comes back w/ an unexpected (to the
monitoring program) error, and so incorrectly reports that the daemons were
not running.

The problem was to set the root execute sticky bit permission on the
'asroot' program that is supposed to call the vxiod program, it now has the
proper permissions and gets the results it is looking for.  Thanks much to
Adam Kirby for helping me with this.


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> Subject:	vxio process not running
> Hi,
>   We're running Volume Manager on multiple E250's.  I also run Big Brother
> to monitor Veritas.  It is saying that vxio processes are not running on 3
> of the 5 boxes, but those 5 boxes are still up and running.  I can't get a
> vx_list or do a vx_group check on them w/out this process running
> apparently.
>   Is it safe to restart this process?  If so, how would I go about it?
> Any ideas?  Am I in a really bad situation?  :)  Thanks much
> Damon
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