SUMMARY: connecting an EMC Symmetrics to a SUN 4500 and 420r server

From: Bobby Ramirez <>
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 16:25:32 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded to my desperate call for help, and apologies for the delay in summarizing. I got pieces of the "happy meal" from a lot of managers, and all were very helpful.

The problem was I couldn't see the luns on the EMC box. Those of you who suggested I needed to setup the /kernel/drv/sd.conf file prompted me to call EMC. The consultant who was to install the software and train us was a week away, and he had forwarded us an email I couldn't read. As some of you may know EMC takes pride in there support ownership. The tech I called gave me the correct "targets" and "luns" to use for each server. I could then compare this to a "bin" file the hardware tech had given us. I then setup the sd.conf file properly.

After booting I ran, the drvconfig, and disks commands.  "format" was then able to find all of my disks. I did use "format" and DiskSuite to configure the metadevices.

Sorry guys, we will probably buy Veritas's volume manager to handle future disks arrangements, SUN's tools don't do the job as we would like. In the mean time I am looking for more documentation on array management from SUN. I will be signing a support agreement for software and hardware support very soon and I will use it often, plus get more Solaris training.

Having worked with HP-UX for so long I reserve judgment on Solaris, (keep an open mind), I am sure I will learn to love it... just takes time. Unix is Unix right?

Bertand, Martell, Seth Rothenberg, James Fredrickson, Walse, Darren, Steve Beuttel, Steve Hastings Grant, Mussini, Buddy, Jonathan Katz, all members of the Academy.

Bobby Ramirez
Information Services
Belkin Components
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