SUMMARY: Xwindows (Xsun) without a mouse

From: Brett Thorson <>
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 15:11:09 EDT
My original question, was how do I get Xwindows (Or Xsun) to work without a
mouse?  XFree86 has this great -allowMouseOpenFail option, but alas XSun
(while having all sorts of other wacky switches) doesn't have this option.

I needed to use both serial ports on my system, so what I tried doing was
fooling kdmconfig into thinking that I had a mouse on COM3.  However, as you
can imagine, it didn't exist.

No problem I thought, I created /dev/tty02 and then linked that into
I thought my problems would be over because it would send it's init stuff,
and forget about it.
For some odd reason it didn't really like that.  And then I got curious.
What exactly was the system sending to the mouse in order to start up Xsun?
So I then linked the 3rd serial port to /dev/console.

Low and behold the system came up, never complained about a mouse, and the
only minor side effect is some trash on the console screen when X starts.  A
small price to pay in order to accomplish this task.

Brett M. Thorson
Eko Systems Inc.
Received on Tue Apr 24 20:11:09 2001

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