SUMMARY: remote restore

From: Mark Lewis <>
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 11:39:22 EDT

mark neill
tim chipman
joel m fisher
paul hedgepeth
james zhao

i asked:

i backup from hosttwo to hostone by piping find into cpio and piping that
into rsh hostone "dd ibs=1k obs=64k of=/dev/rmt/0u"

but i've been asked to test how we would get data back off a tape and onto
hosttwo.  can't just install the drive in hosttwo because we have no scsi
cards available.  thats the obvious bummer.

i can get data back off the tape, but i can't pipe it away straight to
hosttwo without writing to the disk on hostone (which wouldn't store the
data anyway as its about 12gb).

the answer:

been barking up the wrong tree, i have.  they suggested using
ufsdump/ufsrestore which is quite simple really, but something that i've
never needed to use in the past.  a couple of man pages is all it took
really something like:

ufsdump 0fu remotehost:/dev/rmt/<target> <directory to backup>
make sure /.rhosts on the machine with the tape drive has the name of the
machine to backup


ufsrestore -ivfs remotehost:/dev/rmt/<target> 1

to restore.  it won't happen exactly like this, cos of individual aspects of
the machines and so on, but this is the way forward.



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