SUMMARY: VxFS Conversion Tool

From: Thomas Knox <>
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 11:47:34 EDT
I got a lot of replies, more than I was expecting. Thanks to:

Ken Germann
Seth Rosenberg
Johan Hartzenberg
Ben Rockwood
Buddy Lumpkin
Derrick D. Daugherty
Andrew Merrill
Mark Neill

Most agreed that there exists a tool which was only released to the public
with v. 3.4 patch 01. IMPORTANT NOTE: If using this tool, read the man pages
thoroughly and RUN FSCK on the converted filesystem before mounting it.

One person replied that the conversion tool is more trouble than it is
worth, slow, and I will be better off doing a "ufsdump 0f - /filesystem |
ufsrestore rf -".

Again, thanks for all the helpful replies. Original message below:


We have some Solaris 2.6 servers with very large filesystems attached to
them. Currently most of them are UFS, and converting them over to VxFS is a
major pain.

Is there an application that can convert a filesystem to VxFS "on-the-fly",

$ umount /large_dir
$ vxfsify /dev/vx/rdsk/dg/large_dir
$ mount -F vxfs /large_dir

Such an application would be of tremendous value. Does it exist?

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