FURTHER SUMMARY:jumpstarting netra X1

From: Mark Lewis <Mark.Lewis_at_Kinetech.net>
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 05:03:18 EDT
hello you lot

for those who have mailed me regarding the success/failure i experienced
when jumpstarting a netra X1 with 10/00, i just thought i would summarise
the full successful attempt.

netra X1
solaris 2.8, release 10/00 MINIMUM (i imagine 01/01 will work too tony)

standard jumpstart file arrangement.  my sysidcfg looks like this:

system_locale=en_GB		<-- NOT en_UK
network_interface=dmfe0	<-- NOT hme0 or le0
root_password=<encrypted string>

this structure ensures the sysidns will not stop and ask you anything on
build (which it obviously shouldnt).
i specified the server by hostname in the rules file to make sure it was not
likely to get roped into using the wrong jumpstart profile.

in the profile, i used the cluster SUNWCprog for developers edition, and
again specified locale of en_GB not en_UK which is for 2.6 builds.  system
type of standalone and partitionin of explicit.  then i specified my
filesystems making sure that tmp had a size of free so that all the free
space on the disk would be used and i wouldnt get a sudden error, not all
space used! (which i dont like meself).

now in the build image area (/export/home/install/2.8 on my profile
(jumpstart) server) apply the kernel patch for the network drivers of the
netra X1:

+ solicit patch from sun microsystems - mis.netra-x1.259-3836-02.zip from
www.sun.com/netra (click 'software drivers' on the right)
+ unzip and run ./modify_install_server -d /export/home/install/2.8 -n	#
just outputs, no action
+ then if the output looks right take the -n off and rerun
+ once the kernel is patched check the kernel revision of the boot image:

patchadd -R /export/home/install/2.8/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot -p | grep

which should output a large number of patches obsoleted by this new 2.8
kernel patch.

+ i assume you;'ve got your build files right, so that should be that.  i
always prefer a boot net - install from EEPROM rather than reboot -- "net -
install" as after the latter you get logged out of a remote session and then
sit there like a lemon not seeing whats going on...

hope that covers everything.


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