SUMMARY: X login problem

From: David <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 14:42:07 EDT
Hi All,

	thanks to all for your input (yes, I have a freame buffer!) it
ended up being a really stupid problem.
Wolf Schaefer pointed me in the right direction and checking the
/var/dt/Xerrors file I find out that it was missing the 'tty' entry in
/etc/groups. Adding it solved the problem!!



---------- Original question ----------
Hi All,
	I have a problem login in to the Xserver on my new E250 - Solaris
8 machine. Choosing the command line login works fine and the machine
works like a charm (NFS, mailserver etc) but when I try to login using CDE
it logs me out right away and the only message I can find in the logs
related to this says:

Apr 13 14:54:24 <machine> dtlogin[3362]: [ID 427203 user.debug] 
pam_authenticate: error Conversation failure

Checking various FAQ or sunsolve database didn't give me a clue. I never
used CDE, always command line but I guess it's time to "evolve".

Also, is it possible to remove completely OpenWindows (I've read somewhere
that it won't be supported anymore) without affectin the machine
functionality? If yes where I can find some info on how to do that?

Thanks, I'll summarize


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