SUMMARY: hp8000 printer - ledger tray

From: David Stern <>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 09:08:53 EDT
Original query:

>Anyone know how to configure a que for an hp8000N laserjet to use the
>ledger (11x17) tray?  I can set up a que either using admintool or
>lpadmin but can't get it to use this tray. 
>Using HP jetadmin, I'm only offered the option to create the que with 
>the banner page coming from that tray or configure the printer st it 
>ALWAYS uses that tray. What I'd like is to create two ques. One is 
>the standard 8.5x11 and the other would use the larger paper.

Thanks to:
Marcelino Mata
Roger Leonard
Jay Lessert 
Ric Anderson
Owen Eng    
Matthew Stier
Deborah Crocker    

Owen was especially helpful pointing me to:


as well as

Once I found the new jetadmin for solaris (SOLe118.PKG, aka /opt/hpnpl) and
installed this, I also needed to install net_ljx000 which is accessed by
jetadmin and adds the specific options for that series of printers.

Only once this is done will the -o switch in lp accept other trays. BTW, 
this can be hotwired to some extent by adding the keyword, "Solaris"
to the stanza for the printer within /etc/printers.conf

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