SUMMARY: Adaptec 29160N on Solaris8 x86

From: Vlad <>
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 12:47:14 EST
Thanks to everyone who responded. Sorry it took so long to summarize but I
just got it to work.
Apparently Solaris 8x86 doesn't like  Adaptec 29160N, however it works just
fine with Adaptec 29160.
That's all!


Original Posting:
Hello Gurus!
Had anybody experience any problems with Adaptec 29160N?
For the last week I've been trying to install Solaris8 on Intel system using
Adaptec SCSI card 29160N with no success, it's simply failing to boot.
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance.


P.S Driver provided by adaptec didn't work
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