SUMMARY: TWO Netra T1 AC200 unable to boot. Don't see the SCSI bus or network interface

From: Borja Marcos <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 03:21:20 EST
On Wednesday 26 December 2001 11:00, you wrote:

	Thank you very much to Casper Dik, Ed Weller and Joohyun. The two
latter suggested some problem with the bootblock or the OS. In fact
it seemed to be some hardware issue.

	The problem has been paranormal indeed. After seting diag-switch? to
true and power-cycling, a "boot disk" worked! Before doing this I had
tried to set the NVRAM to default values, even though I saw nothing
wrong in the OpenBoot environment variables.

	What was really puzzling was the behavior of the machine. Before
trying with diag-switch?, a show-devs showed no scsi or net devices,
and after a probe-all they were shown.

	Perhaps someone from Sun can shed some light? Is it a firmware
problem? I have successfully booted both machines with the complete
software installation they had and there have been no problems.

	Thank you.

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