SUMMARY: Problems with JNI card and E4500/A5100

From: Kit Burrows <>
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 13:51:25 EST
Hi Everyone,

I recently ran into a problem with a pair of A5100's connected to an E4500
through a JNI fiber card (FC64-1063). I was able to see all the disk devices
and do normal file manipulations on the devices. The problem, was that I
couldn't administer the array using luxadm as well as with storedge
component manager.

This by itself might not be a big deal. What really drove me nuts was that I
couldn't get Veritas to recognize the A5100s. This means I couldn't take
advantage of the free license which Veritas gives out to the A5x00 series
array (among others). Since I really needed Veritas, I was in a bit of a

My theory, is that the JNI driver isn't creating the enclosure devices
properly. I went through the usual steps of updating the JNI driver/firmware
as well as different binding combos under the fcaw.conf/sd.conf/ses.conf,
but to no avail. In frustration, I switched out the JNI fiber cards (AKA
cannibalized from another server) with SUN cards and everything worked

I'm grossly over-simplifying the troubleshooting steps, but suffice it to
say that I was frustrated enough to send the solution to a public list so
that some other poor sap doesn't end up working over the holidays with a
similar problem :)

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