SUMMARY: Problem with openssh 3.0.2p1

From: Sam Ou <>
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 17:22:24 EST
The reason is that I didn't start pseudorandom number generator daemon (prngd).
After starting prngd, everything is fine. Some handy scripts can be downloaded
from Some doc at is helpful if you want to build
openssh from scratch.

Thanks to the following people.
"John Kerbawy" <> 
"Nicolas Dorfsman" <> 
"David LaPorte" <> 

Here is the original question:
> I installed openssh 3.0.2p1 (package downloaded from 
> and
> somehow it doesn't work. Whenever I tried to use sshd or ssh, 
> I got the error
> message:
> Couldn't connect to PRNGD socket "/var/spool/prngd/pool": No 
> such file or
> directory
> Entropy collection failed and entropy exhausted
> Here is what I did. I installed openssh 3.0.2p1 without 
> removing openssh 2.9.x
> (2.9.6?) and openssh 3.0.2p1 didn't work. So I removed 
> openssh 2.9.x, installed
> prngd, egd, and tcp wrapper (all downloaded from 
> After all
> these, I still got the same error message. The last thing I 
> did is reboot
> solaris and start sshd--I still get the same error message.
> Configurations: SunBlade 100, solaris 8 with 8_recommended 
> patches. Openssh
> 2.9.x worked well before.

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