SUMMARY: /usr/dt & /usr/openwin removal?

From: Konstantin Rozinov <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 01:09:31 EST
Hi gurus,

Thanks to the following for their good suggestions:
Steve Sandau
David Foster
Mathias Kanstrup
and system administration account (nice name eh? ;-))


Use pkginfo and pkgrm to determine which packages to remove.  Everyone
agreed that removing the actual directories without removing the
packages was a bad idea and could cause dependecy issues with other
system admin suggested to reapply patches after you remove packages
since they get removed as well.
mathias used this in the past - pkgrm -A `pkginfo | grep -i japanese |
cut -c13-25` to remove packages faster.

Original Problem:

quick question:  Is it safe to remove /usr/dt and /usr/openwin if I am
not using xwindows?  What other dirs or packages are safe to remove (if
you can think of any of the top of your head).  I am running low on
space and these two dirs take up more than 100mb.

Thanks a bunch!
Konstantin Rozinov
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