SUMMARY: swap usage.

From: Alexandre Perematko <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 18:54:50 EST
Thanks to  "Igor Schein" <>

Original question.
> I'm running Solaris 7 x86  webserver (Apache+ModPerl ). Today running top
> saw that almost half of my swap is used by something.
> There is more than 20% of RAM on the server listed as "free" and there is
> page in/out activity, but swap is still in use.
>  How can figure out what process swapped out pages belong to ?

Several people suggested that could be some files taking space in /tmp and
consuming space out of the swap.
That is not the case in my situation. Does not look like there is some kind
of tool that would just print a detailed report
about swap usage, so the best method is to  use /bin/ps -e -o
pid,osz,rss,comm, and subtract 3rd
column from 2nd.  It'll give you an idea on the size of the portion of  the
process swapped out.

I'm sure if this method reports only swapped out part of the process that is
swapped out and shared memory altogether.
I still I don't understand the VM algorithm that uses swap even if there is
plenty of memory.

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