SUMMARY: How to change resolution for solaris 8?

From: Sam Ou <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 14:29:32 EST
> I just installed solaris 8 1/01 on a SunBlade 100
> and
> the screen resolution is not properly set. I was
> told
> to use "kdmconfig" to change resolution, but there
> is
> no kdmconfig on my system (I did a "find . -print |
> grep kdmconfig" under /).
> Another problem is that colors are not always
> displayed properly. Fore example, Netscape seems ok
> but when launching admintool, I get a lot of errors
> such as 'Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for
> "gray"' and 'Warning: Cannot parse default
> background
> color specification.' This happens on other
> software,
> esp. acroread, as well. The effect of this is that
> the
> apps often appear in B&W, sometimes even white on
> white. Once acroread runs at the foreground,
> background becomes fuzzy.
The solution is "m64config -depth 24 -res 1024x768x75". Other suggestions are
"fbconfig -depth 24 -res 1024x768x75", and to edit "/etc/dt/config/Xservers". I
haven't tried those, though.

> The third problem is that the printer always prints
> three pages of heading before any printing job. I
> setup my network printer as follows.
> Printer type: PostScript
> File contents: PostScript
> Fault Notification: Write to Superuser
> Destination:
> Protocol: BSD
> Options: Default Printer is checked
> User Access List: all
The solution is to telnet to the printer and disable banner page. The number of
banner pages is reduced to one after this. To get rid of banner page, use "lp
-o nobanner".

Thanks to the following gurus:
Dan Barnes <>
John Gibson <>
Ian Camm <>
Fricot, Daniel <>
Koos van den Hout <>
Surendar Dinkar <>
Jonathan Hays <>
system administration account <>
Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDSEP3 <>
Lars Hecking <>
Jai Khurana <>
Steve B. <>
ltiu <>

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