SUMMARY: How many SunRAY can we drive?

From: Jan Johansson <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 04:46:47 EST
For the archive, I have received many good answers and the order
for a 280R have been sent, I will do the real SUMMARY in January
2002 when we se how good it holds up.

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 02:25:59PM +0100, Jan Johansson wrote:
>today we have a Enterprise 220R (2xUS-II 450MHz, 2GB RAM) and it
>runs 20 SunRAY clients but is short on memory.
>The users are running mostly Netscape with Flash heavy pages.
>Our network is for the moment 100Mb backbone with 10Mb to the
>SunRAY. It will be uppgraded to 1Gb backbone (100Mb to SunRAY) on
>a separate physical network.
>We are also about to add 20 SunRAY clients (same usage as above)
>and have difficulties deciding on the server.
>The thought is for a Sunfire 280R (2xUS-III 750MHz, 4GB RAM) but
>counting on our old server and the price of a 280 the price per
>SunRAY goes too high.
>I would be happy for any input on this. I.e. how many SunRAYs
>should the 280 be able to handle? Should we go for a V880
>In the future we might be looking into adding another 70 SunRAYs.
>Jan J
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