SUMMARY: Problem with vacation program

From: Ian Camm <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 13:12:01 EST
Well my thanks to Mark Bergman and Jan Johansson for helping me to look at the
problem from a different view point.

I have located the problem myself but their help forced me to think about
finding it in a new way. Particularly Mark whose suggestions got me trying
new things.

The problem was the -j option to the vacation program.

We were using something like

\test, "|/usr/bin/vacation -j -a testuser test"

The -j option is supposed to just "not check whether the recipient appears in
the To: or the Cc: line." but it seems to break the mechanism for caching
users it has already replied too. Taking it out and things have started to work
as expected again. 

I may report it as a bug to Sun.


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Subject: Problem with vacation program
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Dear Sun Managers,

I have a wierd problem with the vacation program.

When you setup a vacation message it seems to work fine. Emails get replied
to with the vacation message you setup etc. However, the vacation database
files, the ones used to not send mulitple copies of the vacation messages
to anyone, vacation.pag and vacation.dir do not get written to.

This means that email can get into a loop if the incoming email has an incorrect
address, such as spam, and the vacation program keeps replying to mailer-daemon
or similar messages.

Thanks in advance,

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