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From: Ondrej Florian <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 07:17:02 EST
First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who send me replies to my
questions regarding use of SunRays.
Now quick summary regarding the usability of SunRay appliances;
Vast majority of comments were quite positive, both in terms of usability
and performance.

>1. what's the performance like ?
The biggest issue seems to get network setup right. Switched network is
must. Many of you recommended using separate network segment for connection
back to the application server in order to guarantee constant bandwidth
throughput. Using QoS has been suggested as well. Another good point raised
is to separate SunRay display server and application server(s) and scale
them accordingly (possibility of load balancing those servers comes to
mind). Ones again, issue of bandwidth and good network infrastructure.  Use
of gigabit NIC & gigabit uplink were mentioned.
In terms of interactive performance, SunRays seem to do very well in
majority of tasks. It was quite common to read comments about running ~20
stations out of one SunBlade100 or equivalent server with 2gb ram
comfortably. Mind you, those users are probably not developers or power
users actually 'using' their terminal to full potential ;-).

>2. how does it compare to traditional X Windows terminal
Much easier to configure, central management. Better performance then some
of older X Terminals. Smart cards.
There are also some interesting features like multihead support, etc.

>3. what are the requirements on the server side like ?
It depends. Sunrays themselves do not seem to required much from the server
in terms of CPU power, bandwidth and good network spec. seems to be much
more important here. Sun recommends approx 40mb of ram and 35mhz per user
session. Resources required for running actual application end user uses is
another issue. For some Sun recommended hardware runs 'out of the box', for
others separate application servers are required.

I guess it would be fair to say that SunRay performance is as good as your
network infrastructure is.

Ondrej Florian

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